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Can a pet scan test rule out fatal familial insomnia?

Posted by SueR109

I recently had a pet scan after suffering a year with insomnia and my sleep test showed i mostly slept in stage 2, and had rem but 1 percent only of stage 3/4 sleep with just mild apnea. I am 50 yrs old and started menopause last year, had a bit of a breakdown and was put on psyche meds, when i stopped them, insomnia appeared about a month later...i am suffering for one full year, inability to fall asleep and stay asleep and am wondering if i can still have fatal familial insomnia although my pet scan showed normal. I had read that this disease affects the thalmus and can light up hypermetabolic if someone had this pet scan did not light up as this, but am still concerned i may have this..any suggestions? I was on seorquel, geodon and trileptal last year for a manic epsisode and when i got off it, the insomnia occured..then i stopped menstruating which signify's menopause but am still upset that i cannot get a normal or refreshing night of sleep.

my neurologist told me to go to a sleep specialist in ny to follow up, but does anyone think i may still have this rare disease? no one has ever died of this disease in my family but a grandmother had narcolepsy. 

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