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Oxted, United Kingdom
Mummy to Alina Houchin, dob 19/12/2008, diagnosed with congenital diaphramatic hernia at the 12 weeks scan. Alina had FETO (balloon procedure) at 24 weeks at Kings College Hospital in London, UK and had a patch repair the day after her birth. After being in hospital for 6 weeks, Alina... Full Bio
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Robbie 13 months old

It's been a while since I last posted; life is very busy with 2 kids. Alina turned 4 in December and Robbie turned 1 in February. It's amazing how...

Robbie 9 months old

Our little warrior is 9 months old. It's amazing how quickly time has passed and how much Robbie has moved on. He's an incredible little boy who...

Robbie 6 months old

I haven't posted in a while as quite frankly my time is in short supply these days. Having two kids is a lot harder than I thought it would be....

Gaining weight and enjoying being home

Robbie's doing great. Since coming home, 2 weeks ago he's put on 500g (1lbs) and is looking great. I would even go as far as saying that he's...

Home and thriving

After my last post we got transferred to our local hospital literally the next day. Robbie was doing so well that the only thing left was...

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