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Tehachapi, California
I am happily married to my best friend. I have two adult children and 4 grandkids. I live in a beautiful mountain community in California and get to enjoy all four seasons of weather, including snow. I love photography and scrapbooking.
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Busy Day

Just wrapped up a busy day. Shopping for an anniversary gift for hubby, then the last night of Lent bible study. Rushed home to run protocols....

Another Day is Done

Another day is drawing to  close. I just finished running my last protocol of the day. The new machine is working wonders for me. I wish you each...

Home Swwet Home

Yeah to being home! Although yesterday wasn't much of a day of rest. We had too many errands to run after me being gone for a week. Today is...

Travel Day

Yesterday was my travel day home. So, no time to blog. Left the hotel at 7 am Texas time and didn't get home till 3 am Texas time. LONG flippin...

Treatment explanation

OK...I'm going try to  explain what the treatment is I'm getting in short, sweet terms. The VT-200, or Vecttor system, delivers electrical...

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Apr 15 2009 by marybeth37

I saw earlier you were using the Dynatron STS machine. How did that work for you dear girl? I have RSD and am trying to work out a way to use it here in Michigan. This is a dumb question, but can you tell me how exactly you can turn the frequencies down if an electrode hurts. When you "turn down the frequency, does it turn it down for all the electrodes?" Did you have trouble with it when you returned home? Do you have the home unit? Wow, I'm sorry, that is surely enough questions..... looking forward to chatting with you, Am I correct that you actually went to Dr. Rhodes for your daughter that has RSD. How is that precious girl doing?

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