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I'm Liz, and I blog over at iheartvegetables. I'm basically obsessed with food! I try to keep it simple, healthy, and tasty!  I also enjoy working out, running, and sneaking in exercise any way I can! 
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Easy Vegan Falafel Recipe

It was a fairly low-key weekend over here and I actually didn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Alex and I went to Mezzanine for dinner on...

Family Ties

Wednesday afternoon, my brother called asking if I could come stay with my nephew Jack (who is about 20 months old) because they needed to take...

Parmesan Spinach Couscous

All the snow we had a couple of weeks ago led me to crave lots of warm comfort food. But after many days without groceries, I was starting to...

Easy Moroccan Lentil Stew

It started with a Pinterest search for recipe inspiration. I came across this Martha Stewart recipe and I was excited because I had all the...

Avocado Orange Salad

I have a new favorite salad. That’s a big deal because when I have a salad I love, I tend to eat it over and over again. I went through a feta +...

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