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The IDSC For Life advocates for those who have Down syndrome. We believe that ALL life is precious, especially the lives of individuals who happen to have Down syndrome.
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Hello everyone!

My name is Leticia Velasquez, and I’ve been a member of IDSC for Life since the beginning, in fact I represented you in Washington...

Why Is There an International Down Syndrome Coalition For Life?

The IDSC For Life turned one year old in October!!  We missed the celebration, but are grateful for all that has gone on this year.  We would...

Scientists Under Fire for Creating Designer Embryo, Unborn Child With Three Parents

“The idea is to be able to offer a way to cerate unborn children for families concerned about giving birth to a child with physical or...

Our Society will be worse off if we reject Down Syndrome children

Article by Chris Meney of the Sydney Morning Herald can be found here “By approving and encouraging the...
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