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Thoughts on Prenatal Genetic Testing

One of the latest controversies within the community of those touched by autism is that of prenatal genetic testing. Some fear that this testing...

A Couple of Bear Updates

Sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win. On Wednesday the Bear had another PECS session. She was doing so well at home, demonstrating that...

Five Weird Things

As part of the meme going around the bloggosphere, Wade ‘tagged’ me to identify five weird things about myself. Narrowing down the list was hard –...

Autism and Minicolumns

As a parent of an autistic child (and potentially as an Aspie myself) a subject I find very interesting - and let’s distinguish up front between...

The Agony of Waiting for Poo

Yes, dear reader, this post is about poo (bowel movements in adult speak), or more accurately, the absence of same. And please note that the ‘No...

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