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Disabilty approved for CFS

I am so thankful on appeal that I won my diasablity on CFS.I was dissapointed my lawyer took the tactic of Pernicous Anemia that I have hadĀ  for 15...

Looking for word of inspiration when you feel like your spouse has gave up on you?

Just need words of encouragement , to know that it can get better, need somone who understands lack of spousal support,spousal burnout ? Need...

Please review my symptoms of CFS and just give me your opinion of what to do about returning to work?

I have been an RN for 22 years with CFS for about 2yrs ,prominent s/s were debilitatingĀ  fatigue and concentration and memory,I am now not doing...

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Jul 20 2009 by Viv

I have never heard about the Myers Cocktail.  There are literally thousands of medical studies that support the efficacy of vitamins, herbs, and natural treatment methods. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone, but I am not sure how safe the intravenous method is.

My only comment is to not rush into any type of therapy or treatment without research.  The only way you can take control of your health is by educating yourself. Thre are natural solutions for most health problems that can help you, ask your doctor about these alternatives.

Wishing you the best, healthier days and increased energy.

Jul 20 2009 by Viv

Hello Hopeful,

I hope you are feeling better these days.  Have you taken time off from work to recover from your virus?

Drink lots of liquids and get plenty of rest.

Your Friend,



Jul 19 2009 by Hopeful
Can anybody share about having intravenous myers coctail (mix of IV vitamins) for Chronic Fatigue  and get any relief ?

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