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Sep 13 2009 by Rusty
Hey Hope!  Wow! Great picture!  Obviously somewhere in San Diego by the beach, right?  I've been to your amazing city a couple times...breath-taking.  I'm from BC, Canada.  Straight north of you by 26 hours driving if you go non-stop.  :) Road trip.... Well, have a fantastic day!   
Jun 15 2009 by Hope
My boyfriend does most of the cooking, thus - serving -- and he serves equal portions. BAD! Now, I have him serve it with a tupperware, and he cleans his plate, and I get the following day's lunch! less cleanup all around, AND the acceptance he just doesn't get he is younger, more active and more than a foot taller... never mind his overactive thyroid!
Jun 12 2009 by Hope
I've fluctuated since High School, and have spun out of control since getting out of the service. My mom is over 60, and took it off, and kept it off - so I KNOW i've got no excuses!!!