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Jul 28 2009 by Melchizedek

Fungi are like mushrooms and the king of mushrooms is chaga or at least according to a Chinese Emperor in 2000 bc or actually the austrian glaciar dude from 5300 years ago had some chaga in his pouch. Also it's been a folk remedy for years in Russia. Alexander Solchenitzen rote a book called The Cancer Ward the patients distrusting the allopathic doctors would sneak Chaga into to make a tea of and Solchenitzen is reported to have been cured by chaga. Chaga is also anti-inflammatory think arthritis and cures kidney failure. One woman cured her roomate who had been on dialysis and now the roomate's doctor refers all kidney failure patients to that woman.


On the other hand Resteverin which was the source of the French paradox (stating that although they ate plenty of fat they didn't get atherosclerosis) found specifically a fungus on the grape leaves keeps atherosclerotic plaques from forming.

Jul 28 2009 by Melchizedek
Resteverin is a fungus that used to grow on grape vines in france and caused their low rate of heart attacks. It's now sold as an extract in pills.


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