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I am a 55 year old plumber turned designer of engineering systems (plumbing,hvac,electrical,utilities), turned plumber. I am currently in charge of the plumbing systems for four (4) prisons in the state of Wisconsin. I was born and raised in northern Wisconsin and resided there until 1985 at which time I moved to a small community near Appleton WI. I have been married for almost thirty five (35) years, have four adult children, and six grandchildren. I am extremely proud of all... Full Bio
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Jan 11 2009 by hoober

After perusing the good DRs blog it is very apparent that he really does care. I only hope he doesn't burn himself out. He must work 23 hours per day. After calling around (With great trepidation I might add) for four (4) months in a 100 mile range trying to get in a suboxone program I finally connected. And, thankfully it was with Dr Junig. He gets it !!!! I have had a life long aversion to doctors so I never go unless it is absolutely imperative. But after getting together with DR. J you just get a feeling of absolute trust. I have only been seeing him now for three (3) months but so far he has not only gotten me off of opiates using suboxone, but he has also started to treat the underlying cause of a lifetime of use/misuse/abuse, of drugs and alcohol and will soon be dealing with my chronic pain issue. I just can't say enough about the SuboxDoc. I certainly hope this helps to lead other folks to his website, and blog, and eventual vote.