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New York, New York
I'm an AADP certified Holistic Health Counselor and I love what I do! I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which started me on my journey to learn everything I possibly can about health. I read every book and article I can get my hands on, I experiment with my own diet and fitness... Full Bio
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Concluding a Cleanse

Ah the cleanse is over. Sort of! After doing such a nice job of cleaning up our insides, we couldn’t exactly jump right back in to eating...

Diary of a Raw Vegetable Cleanse

That’s not quite accurate. Diary of a mostly raw fruit and vegetable cleanse. Much better, right?! 7 days of fruits and vegetables, piece...

It’s Not a pHad

Have you ever checked your pH? I do. All the time. And every time I have a stomachache or just otherwise less than great feeling?...

Easy Greens

I did it. Didn’t heed my own advice. I let myself get too busy without making sure I had eaten enough. So what happened? I walked into my...


In honor of my lunch date at Pure Food and Wine today, I thought I would share the experience with you. As it is my favorite restaurant in...

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