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Lees Creek, Ohio
Nuclear Medicine Technologist and mother of 4. Lover of science and God. My daughter Carleigh was diagnosed with anencephaly at 22 1/2 weeks gestation. I carried her to term and it was one of the most beautiful and blessed experiences of my life.
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Nov 29 2011 by Sunitkrishna


I am expecting our first child by the end of January...


Oct 07 2009 by Michelle Dolce
I read your story and I just cried like i have never cried befor in my life looking at those pictures oh my god im so sorry that happened to you, i dont even know you but im a mother of 2 and I couldn't imagine going through that. You are a very strong person to go through a situation a sad as that and still be standing, like I said i dont know you but I wish the best to you and I am proud of you for making it through such a hard time.
Sep 11 2009 by Holly
I joined just the other day. :)
Sep 11 2009 by Lauren
Hi There!  Having you been using this site long?  I just joined.