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Are there any pickup ice hockey games in SF?

Posted by Dave K.

I'd love to play once in awhile when I have time but don't have time to be on a team.
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Yerba Buena or Belmont Iceland. Hi Dave -- a friend of mine used to play pickup at the Yerba Buena rink awhile back ... I'm not sure if all they have now are league games though, but I'm sure the rink should have some info. I also know it's a drive out of the way, but I know for sure that Belmont Iceland over in Belmont definitely has pickup, where people can just sign up and play for $20 a game. The guys (and two women!) who play there range from college students to businessmen/doctors to a 65 year old lawyer who likes to get his exercise in. They're a great bunch who just like to swing by and play a friendly game every week.
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