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Killer Viruses Virology Research, Killer Viruses . Viruses are a microscopic parasites that live in your ...
Jul 24 2011 6:41am
Hello Carol,Loved your post. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with... more
Apr 12 2014 2:29pm
hi.. if the person got aids and he he is having sex with other  people and his sperm doesn't go into the ...
Jul 13 2009 6:11am
thanks 4 sending me a comment..i appreciate it.. more
Jul 16 2009 3:16am
Houston Lab disarms AIDS virus There is real hope that what’s happening in a Houston lab might lead to a cure for HIV. Houst ...
Feb 23 2009 6:46pm
Sounds very promising.People should also check out MMS, the miracle mineral solution... more
Mar 08 2009 7:51am