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Posted Nov 22 2009 10:01pm


On  behalf of all the registered Orphan and Needy students in Nata Village, we like to thank all of you who made this Christmas Party possible by donating or contributing to the event. The third annual Christmas Party took place at the Kgotla (a place where meetings and domestic disputes are settle). After months of planning with local volunteers the event finally took place on Saturday the 21st of November. Christmas came early for 307 Orphan and Needy students from Nata Village. This year we had a Santa Claus and seven Santa helpers to assist with the event.  As the years go by we are having more students attend the annual event. Due to the school calendar, all students will end their third and final term on the 27th of November. Therefore, we were able to announce the Christmas Party to all Orphan and Needy students before their departure to the cattle post (rural areas outside Nata Village where most students live). The event was a success from the start.

The festivity kicked off with an early morning breakfast. Soon after breakfast the students were treated to a game of truth or false regarding health related issues, with an answer behind every question. Also, issues surrounding alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy, as well as child abuse. All students received a pen or pencil with plenty of candy as speakers and important figures of the community talked about the importance of continuing their education and moving forward to a brighter future. Most Orphan or Needy students drop out of school at an early age to seek employment or other ways of making money. 

After two hours of important information for the students regarding their safety a big HO HO HO came from the distance. All students immediately turned their heads to see what was coming towards them. Cheers broke out and everyone was happy to see Santa Claus coming in from the North pole in a donkey cart. Santa came with his donkey cart full of gifts for the children, as he waved his hand and wishing everybody a Merry Christmas. But wait, Santa didn’t see any young boys and girls under the age of ten with the students waving and cheering for Santa’s arrival. Santa looked carefully, to his amusement the young boys and girls have never seen Santa before this day. The young boys and girls saw Santa as a big fat man in a red suite coming to kidnap them and take them away from their care takers. As Santa walked around shaking hand s and giving high fives to all the students, the young boys and girls who were afraid carefully walked out to shake Santa’s hand. Santa was very happy to gain the young children’s trust.

After everybody finally got acquainted with Santa we started to pass out the gifts. Every student attending the event got a gift. The gifts had a pair of shoes, two pair of pants, one t-shirt or shirt, shorts or track suits, skirts for the ladies, and a food coupon. When Santa and the chief pass all the gifts out to the students, a big healthy lunch was awaiting. Eight volunteers from the village prepared and cooked a meal for 350 people. The volunteers worked hard for a day and a half baking and cooking bread, meat, porridge, samp(beans with rice), soup, and juice. Every student received a healthy meal for the day. As you may already know in some parts of Africa a balance meal does not exist. We, at Nata Village would like to thank you again for the support and contributions you have made to make this year very special for those who can’t make it happen. The children had an awesome day. Keep well.          


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