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Posted Jan 15 2010 2:29pm

There was an article on Poz magazines site about stigma not that long ago ( ). I was so saddened when I read both the article and the comments. I knew there was stigma, but I didn't realize how very very bad it still is. I have been extremely lucky that honestly I have encountered very little stigma in the last 10 years. The only place I have encountered it was from one of my brothers and even he is now coming around. There were some that commented that they were encountering stigma from their medical professionals, and I was so outraged and confused by this that I sat and cried for these people. One would thing that medical professionals would know better. The article also covered about positive women having babies and what people in general thought of that. The overwhelming consensus was against it. I'm so glad that when I was pregnant I didn't encounter those people because I might not have had my beautiful little girl.

I am now even more determined to not keep silent about being positive and I'm going to keep spreading awareness every chance I get. I hope the little bit that I do, and that others like Tom do, will make it easier for people to not feel they have to hide their status, and will let them know they are not alone we are all in this fight together.

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