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Something that just touched my heart.

Posted May 18 2011 1:41pm

Recently a friend called me to ask if a new friend of his could call me. He told me this friend needed someone to talk to who would kind of understand him. I told my friend sure that I would be glad to talk to him and offer what support I could.

The man calls me back later using my friend's cell phone since he doesn't have one of his own. I found out he had just recently lost his mother and then shortly after was diagnosed HIV positive. He's faced a lot of stigma where he lives right now. He and my friend both have had hard times finding jobs so have both been forced to seek shelter at some of the homeless shelters in their area. This man has been told by several who found out he had HIV to get out and not come back. Now when I talked to him the other day he'd only known his status for about 2 weeks and had already lost 95 lbs. As we all know this is a significant amount. When I asked him about what meds he's on he had a whole laundry list of them.

He told me when he met my friend he had already given up and was suicidal, but my friend then told him about me and put him in contact with me. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful friend with such a kind heart as to help someone else who needed some support. My friend has even told the man that he was moving back to Texas and told him to come with him. He said he would help him get the help he's not receiving where they are at now. I told the man that he was more than welcome to call me to talk when he needed to anytime. Just keep my new friend and my other friend in your thoughts and prayers they sure could use it.

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