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Should I be worried about the potential results of an HIV/AIDS/STD test even though I've been sexually inactive for 6 years?

Posted by theories

I've been sexually inactive for 6 years.  This goes as far as to the point of not even kissing.  My last encounter was with a previous relationship who claimed she was clean.  Regrettably, unprotected sex happened at most 5 or 6 times, but nothing to this day seems wrong with me and I've shown no symptoms.  I hadn't been tested because I just accepted I was fine because she was fine, yet for the last 6 years I've been bothered by this nagging that maybe I wasn't and should be tested.  Regardless of the results there would be peace of mind in knowing, but should I be overly worried like I am that the results might not be favorable?  I plan to be tested within the week.
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