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Rethinking AIDS

Posted Dec 04 2008 12:49pm 2 Comments

Did you know that there are 70 conditions other than HIV that can cause a positive HIV test? THese include malaria, TB, pregnancy and a recent flu shot.

 HIV drugs are extremely toxic and can kill. Please think twice before you take them, there are other ways to improve the immune system.

 'What if everything you thought you knew about AIDs was wrong? by Christine Maggiore is available online and at Amazon.

Be well.



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Did you know that spreading misinformation about HIV testing and HIV/AIDS is destructive and people can die from being misinformed? Did you know that Christine Maggiore, founder of Alive and Well is, well dead from complications of AIDS? AIDS misinformation did her no favors.

 AIDS denialism is killing people.


Yes, they can die from being misinformed. They can die from AIDS drugs.The reason why I care about this issue is that I believe that AIDS drugs are killing people. I do not 'deny' AIDS, I want to question it and wish that more scientific investigation could go into finding out the real truth. The tests are ridiculously inaccurate. What if a child took toxic drugs but did not actually have the virus? How can people go from positive to negative?

 I am so sad to hear of Christine's death. I realize that many people  think that she HAD to have died of AIDS but it is possible that she didn't. Everyone thought that her daughter died of AIDS but she did NOT die of AIDS, she did have a severe pencillin allergy. It is sad that so many are so quick to say that Christine died of AIDS and not consider any other possibility. I don't know what Christine  died of, I hope it was not AIDS, I wish she was still alive. She sounds like an amazing woman. The AIDS drugs also kill people but we don't hear of it, it's always deemed to be an AIDS death. A long time ago we really, really believed that the earth was flat. My hope is that we just consider other viewpoints and examine them. You never know.  Rest in peace Christine.

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