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Poverty in Nata is widespread

Posted Dec 02 2008 3:07am

Poverty in Nata is widespread
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More Flamingo School donations were distributed today.  Poverty in Nata is so widespread that its not difficult to find recipients of Flamingo Schools generosity.  Today we visited the home of a husband, wife, and four children.  The father works full time selling cell phone air time.  The six of them live together in a 15 foot by 8 foot cement building that used to serve as a

shop.  All six of them eat, sleep, cook, and bathe in this small area.  The family fetches water from a nearby standpipe and there is no pit latrine.  The sad thing about this is that these people are actually some of the lucky ones in Nata.  Neither parent is infected with HIV and the nuclear family is intact.  Unfortunately the mom is currently sick with pneumonia.  The father earns enough to feed the family but extras like proper housing, clothes and toys are too much of a luxury.  The children use the wheel barrel used for fetching water as a toy.  The little girl pictured was so delighted with her new shirt that reads cutie.  This is an example of the working poor in Nata.  Thank you donors for letting us have the opportunity to share your gifts.

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