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My viral load/CD4 #'s

Posted Dec 14 2008 10:27pm

So over the last few months I've had some ehhh non HIV related issues. I believe I had MSRA - a skin infection, long story short I kept getting boils on my butt - several at a time - honestly it was horrible because I sit on my butt a lot when I am flying - no one seemed to know what it was or what to do after two months they all finally went away. But today my roommate told me that he had tested positive for it - they biopsied a boil he had and i figured that's probably the one issue I had - all at the same time I had also came down with Giardia AGAIN - that is a GI issue - a parasite I had that for like two months everything I ate just flushed through me - yeah tough two months - finally the dept of health took me out of work for a few days and I was able to get it cleared up. Then finally on top of it all I have this anal tear - well I actually have had it for a long time but its developed into an anal ulcer. Yeah, it bleeds and drains and all, well the boils and MSRA are all cleared up and on Friday - next week, they are going to put me under and biopsy the anal tear - because it looks weird it has a bunch of what I would call webbing - like five holes and so they are going to put me under in an operating room and really look at it to see what can be done with it. For now I am putting cotton up against it so when it drains it drains into the cotton ball - i know details huh? lol anyway, to the topic, with all this going on my #'s are AWESOME!!

Cd4 732 and viral load not detectable. WOOO WHO!!!

And on top of it I lost nearly 50 pounds and looking really good, just ask Bryan the b/f of now four months. I am really excited bc we are overnighting in Hilton Head in April together - which means that I have to operate a flight into Hilton Head, SC and Bryan is going to fly in and meet me there - we stay at a hotel right off of the ocean and I am really excited to be able to spend some "quality" time with him walking the ocean one nice perk about flying. We've been dating for FOUR months now, although we don't see as much of each other at times but its been really nice to have him there for me down here in VA while going through all this stuff. So honestly things could not be any better at the moment.

Alright - well I am going to get going - I am gonna head to bed, sweet dreams everyone - esp Bryan :)


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