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Posted Sep 30 2009 10:24pm
Working at lululemon athletica, there is a major component to the company that is not common to any other place of employment that I have been before: goal setting. Not just goal setting within goals for the company, but goal setting in the areas of health, career, and personal. In addition to that, there is another component called the 'manifesto, which is basically a collection of inspirational quotes, or quotes to live by.

One of these quotes is 'Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You' (thanks Eleanor Roosevelt). So, I took this idea and ran with this and as an October Staff Challenge, I encouraged all of our staff to take part in The Stephen Lewis Foundation's'Dare to Remember' campaign. All it involves is committing to doing a dare, and raising funds for the SLF. Simple as pie.

The staff have taken it on as a team and have each dared to do something including going vegan for a week, running as many kilometres as they can in a week, being a human mannequin in the storefront window for a day, and keeping a wheat-free diet for a month.

I have dared to do 100 sun salutations in a row (at least!) right in the lululemon athletica store in Banff on one of the days during the event.

The event runs from October 17-25th, and there are people worldwide and celebrities alike taking part.

What will YOU dare to do?

To support the lululemon athletica banff team, click on the link here.
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