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In with the new out with the not-so-bad…

Posted Jan 01 2010 11:07pm

Each year this time I find myself reflecting on the past year thinking about the new year. Although it seems that I always have a vision, I quickly come to understand that my new year vision always becomes blurred.

This time last year, I was a flight attendant for USAirways Express, flying up and down the east coast, fairly happy with life. Although I had brought New Years Eve 2008 in alone and single a sat by my fireplace with a glass of wine and hoped for the best as I thought the future looked bright.

That night the fire burned bright but as all warm fires do – it went cold. In January I met Vice President Al Gore and witnessed history to the swearing in of our first African American President. In February, days seemed to look okay others I was pissed, it seemed to be a month of up’s and downs. I just knew I was excited about my cruise in March. March, well March brought many changes in my life. I should say extreme changes. Many didn’t know the happenings but March proved that I can bounce back if I simply put my mind on it. My relationship with Bryan reignited with hope for the futre. My job ended as I knew it. My days and nights in the sky high above were grounded – for good. From the air to the sea’s as my sister, dad and friends took to the ocean on a 7 day cruise.

April set the tone of the rest of the year. In many ways April was bitter and sweet. April 1st I announced the acceptance of a new job as Associate Center Manager for Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions. It was great – a Monday – Friday salaried position with good health benefits. I jumped head into the job while still fulfilling duties of Who’s Positive my life began to pick up as I looked towards the end of the month at the celebration of my 30th birthday. Celebration quickly turned to tears as on my 30th birthday I learned of the death of Kahlo. Kahlo was in many ways a rock for me. I often found myself calling him and sharing moments of weakness with him, not really realizing that his weakness within his own life would contribute to his own death. He was a friend and a colleague as the first person I invited on the Who’s Positive tour – Operation Get Tested in 2008. This same week I found out my best friend was in jail – a place where he would later find himself permanent residency by years end. This week also brought the final conclusion to Bryan and I.

May, I dealt with the rushing feelings from April – it seemed that April in many respects were the end to many things but also the beginning to a new career. May was for the most part uneventful. I spent some time re-doing my birthday with my boss, getting grips of my new job and transitioning into the summer months.

June I went to the oral surgeon and made friends with the dentist. Speaking of friends I was nicknamed among friends while bowling – “T-dizzle”. June quickly turned to July as the temperature began to rise. I went back home and spent some summer time love with my sister and the kids at an amusement park. July brought excitement to Who’s Positive as we began live broadcast’s called Positive Life. Then I officially started working at Club 216, between Kaplan, Who’s Positive and the club, live was flying by. Wrapping up July was my first regional meeting in Baltimore with Kaplan, that was a lot of fun. Speaking of fun, so was ‘Richmond – Round Two” who remembers Richmond boy? Lol – anyway indeed that was a great weekend. Who’s Positive was proud in August to bring the first ever interview – LIVE with my Mom. A one on one heart to heart about me being positive. Its something that was recorded and can viewed at anytime. From health care with my mom to healthcare with my State Representative – wow, a heated debate took place in Charlottesville about health care – who can forget those heated conversations? August also brought first time visitors to my house – my sister came to VA on her way to PA
Winding down the third quarter of the year was September, I made a kick ass pot roast yummy that was good. It would not be uncommon to hear the words “We Are” as Penn State football began and I watched it every week on tv. Speaking about TV Kayne interrupted the VMA’s in typical Kyyne fashion, I started watch GLEE, Think Tank, and I became frustrated when Penn State went from 5th to 15th.

The fourth quarter swung into action with an unexpected U2 concert, an expected supportive but very difficult drive back to Williamsport to reflect on old times with my bestfriend as he ventured into the last days of freedom before a long stay in jail. Friends played Risk and pulled together to say goodbye. October finally brought colder nights to Virginia it also brought the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act and the end of the travel ban on foreigners living with HIV/AIDS. Although October started to get chilly it wasn’t until November that I started a fire in the house and for good reason. Fires always are better with company. I finally invited someone new into my life, him and I spend many weekends together in November doing things from iceskating to movies to times infront of that fire. With November comes the start of the holidays. November I took to the skis for Thanksgiving to visit my sister with my Dad. Although the trip seemed to be filled with drama it was nice to get out and away and I cherished the time with Charlene and Dad at the casino – that was fun. Ohh the time on the planes with my Brother-In-Law was cool too

December, phew – well I rolled in December like I have the past 6 years – speaking on World AIDS Day this time I was in Columbia, MO. That meant I flew from Nebraska into St. Lewis then a 2 hour trip to Columbia to speak. December 2nd I started back to school. Yup I went back to school to finish my degree. I’m going for my BA in Business Administration. Once class was over I flew back home to the comfort of Charles where we went on a date to see the VA Glee club holiday show – that was a great evening. Romance quickly was smothered when Charles left – I guess the fire was too hot to handle. I had a holiday party and spent time with friends and my roommate. I thought Charles and I might try it again, but I was wrong – instead we all got snowed in with 23 inches of snow, we only get 17 inches on an average a year! I went from a white Christmas in VA to hardly any snow in PA. I drove back to PA for my yearly ho ho ho appearance as Santa on Christmas Eve. Once again, I shared a somewhat disappointing Christmas holiday with sissy and her kids with an occasional appearance with my dad. I came back to VA to welcome in the new year. NYE I spent with Boyi, Sylvie and her boyfriend Omar. It was indeed good times.

So now, I sit here with over 1200 words summarizing 2009. I think that overall 2009 was a good year, it brought many changes to my life yes there were good and bad moments but what year doesn’t. It brought what appears to be a new beginning – a new job and a future that looks bright – with me going back to school. I’m looking forward to a strong year of growth, at work and within me personally. I hope to really focus on myself in 2010. I’m going to once again try going to the gym and really like to loose 30 pounds by my cruise in May, if that happens it’s going to be a great reward. Either way I’m going, fat or not, I’ll be jolly and full of excitement to go on my vacation – at this point alone, but if so it will be a good time.

2010 is here, and as 2009, day by day life will go on, I wish everyone good health and personal growth as I too hope that my health continues to be strong and my family – well, stays strong and as much as possible stays together in one way or another.
Happy New Year and lets rock a new century!

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