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I think I have a STD, but I'm not quite sure.

Posted by norisu21

After searching online multiple times looking for an answer, I haven't seen a solution to my dilemma. About 3 weeks ago, the usually wait time for std symptoms to appear, I had oral sex and it was my first time. Now that the 3 weeks are over, I've been noticing an odd feeling on the head of the penis as if it was being softly pinched. Also I got a small bump on the soft area below the scrotum, the perineum/taint. It doesn't hurt, it just makes me hugely uncomfortable. I'm already going to a free clinic in a few days, but I need someone to help me confirm a small portion of my predicament so that my paranoia and anxiety can seep away.
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I thnk you are doing the right thing by going to the doctors, make sure to be completely honest with them and allow them the opportunity to educate you.
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