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I may be HIV positive. My family used my toothbrush on vacation and I may have bleed on it. Is it possible that they may have co

Posted by snapshottwin

rinsed it somewhat. I may be HIV+. I'm experiencing acute HIV symptoms. Fever, swollen lymph nodes, Flu-ish all week, like mono. Headaches...

Don't reassure me about whether or not I may have it. Tell me that if I do. They are safe.


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If you think you may be HIV positive, then the only way to know for sure is to go get tested by your doctor.

If your family used your toothbrush, they most likely did not contract HIV. HIV can not be transmitted through saliva. The only way it possibly could have been transmitted was if there was fresh, wet blood on the toothbrush and they had a sore or cut in their mouth through which your wet blood could come in contact with.

Thank you for your response. It was a false alarm all around. I am fine, and I learned some lessons....


Thanks again.

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