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I am suffering from frequent urination, pain in urination, itchiness in the urethra, puzz-like discharges, what do these signs i

Posted by nomel

three weeks ago, i had a protected intercourse with a female, i used condom, after 1 week, i feel itchiness in th tip of my urethra, i didnt mind it, but after a week, itchiness became painful and same as burning sensations during urination occur. i had a frequent urination and one time, a minimal puzz-like discharge suddenly apear..i do not know what to do.
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Most probably this could be Nongonococcal Urethristis (N.G.U). The name N.G.U. derives from the common situation (particular in males) in which infection of the urethra, the passageway for urine from the bladder, is not caused by gonorrhoea. In the male, the symptoms of N.G.U. are similar to gonorrhoea and include a white discharge from the penis, a burning sensation and painful urination. The symptoms are milder and have a longer incubation period. The causative organisms of N.G.U. are not always identified. In about 40 percent of cases, the cause is Chlamydia trachomatis, a common germ but one that is not easily identifiable.

Untreated N.G.U. can be serious. Serious complications include infertility and sterility in both males and females. In the treatment of N.G.U., it is important to take a full course of medication. During antibiotic treatment, symptoms usually disappear before the cure is complete. Treatment of all partners is important, particularly for women who may not be aware that they have the disease. Also abstinence from sexual activity is strongly advised during treatment.

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