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Heterosexual women and the HPV virus and anal cancer!

Posted Nov 13 2010 3:59pm


 I'm new to this blog but I want to share that I am on a mission to increase awareness of anal cancer.  MOST BOTHERSOME IS THAT THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY IS DOING A DIS-SERVICE TO HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN OVER THE AGE OF 30 THAT HAVE SHOWED HPV ON THEIR CERVICAL PAPS. 

WE NEED TO BE TOLD TO GET AN ANAL PAP SMEAR!  I just happened to get hemorrhoid surgery and my pathology report came back with severe anal dyspalsia.  I was on my way to being Farah Fawcett 2.  I am now finding that more and more women like me are at high-risk and are not aware that we should at least be getting an anal pap smear.

 Hellooooooooooooo............................I have no doubt Farah would be here today had someone told her 10 years ago to get an anal pap.  I watched her documentary and I was so bugged.  Anyway, I am just setting up my blog under the Ass Whisperer and I have done so much research I plan to share.

More details later.  I also wrote a 5 page letter to the FDA which I will post.

They are meeting next week, 11/17/2010 in Maryland on analy dysplasia and anal cancer.

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