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Happy New Year!!

Posted Jan 08 2010 4:31am

I hope the holidays found everyone happy and healthy. Unfortunately I can't really say they found me that way. The down side to having a child in school is they get exposed to all kinds of germs. So far this school year we have had H1N1 twice which was not fun. The first case we had wasn't too bad just lasted a couple of days, but the second case was awful we were all sick for a full two weeks. It could have been worse though at least none of us had to be hospitalized. We were lucky that due to my status we were all able to get Tamiflu which helped with the symptoms. Then I had a couple of colds and my allergies started acting up. My allergies got so bad that I was put on an inhaler, nose spray, and allergy medication.

I do hope this New Year will be a great one I know everyone could use a great year. Mine other than the allergies has started out pretty good. I am finally divorced so now my other half and I can get married. It has taken 7 long years to get to this point I'm just glad my other half has been so patient and loving during this time. I am quitting smoking with the use of medication so that should help with my health a lot.

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