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Does smoking crack interfere with the positive effects of atripla? Does crack increase the growth of the HIV. virus?

Posted by wb

My wife is H.I.V. positive.  I am not.  She smokes crack cocaine.  I do not.  I have warned her of the possible complications of her behavior but she seems to show little concern.  So I guess I am looking for some medical facts or some statistics to present to her to show her the irrepairable damage resulting from crack smoking with being H.I.V. positive. 
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Mostly, using cocaine is a major risk factor for contracting HIV if you are negative because of needle sharing, potentially cutting yourself and participating in risky sexual behavior. Cocaine won't directly affect HIV in the body, but there are multiple strains of the virus so there is a potential of contracting a different strain than your wife already has. In this case, if your wife is on medication for HIV, the medication may not work on the new strain which would potentially increase the severity of the disease in the body.
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