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Does CBC testing test for HIV and AIDS?

Posted by crazytimes

can a total cell count or cbc test of ur blood give hints to the doctor if one should get tested for hiv? if you last sexual encounter was 3 years ago. if the cbc test comes back ok and all is good does that mean im ok. i asked my doctore to test for hiv or std he asked if there was any reason why i believe i had it i told him not but it was something i wanted for peace of mind he swabbed my mouth to test for oral fungis i think which is why i went to the doctor for and then assigned me to a blood test. so if will these two tests determine if im std or hiv free?

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From a CBC test, the doctor can determine how many different types of blood cells are in your body, if you have an infection and how well your body is making blood cells. This can be used to detect if there is any need for further testing. The CBC test can't directly diagnose HIV. The best way to determine if you have HIV or another STD is through blood tests specifically looking for those diseases. If the blood test you took was screened for STDs then the results will tell you if you are HIV free.
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