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Critical reflections of PrEP

Posted Feb 07 2011 10:47am
Via blog by Keith R. Green, MSW (Co-Chair Elect, Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus ) interesting reflections on the NIH iPrEX results and CDC's, perhaps premature, recommendations from

"There are so many critical questions that must be answered before we allow those seeking to avoid contracting HIV to become convinced of the safety and efficacy of Truvada as PrEP:

•    Will African American MSM take PrEP as it must be taken in order for it to work? (Which includes taking it as a component of a comprehensive prevention package that includes condoms, counseling, and regular HIV/STI screening?
•    Does the general public understand that PrEP must be combined with other safe sex practices to derive the greatest protection from HIV?
•    Are we communicating, completely and honestly, the full range of risks involved with PrEP? Or do we really understand the full range of risks, particularly as it relates to resistance and how the potential for it varies from population to population?
•    What are the long-term effects associated with taking antiretrovirals preventatively?
•    Are we communicating effectively the fact that PrEP is not the ticket to a free ride on the “Sex Express”? (Condoms and other proven prevention strategies MUST be used)
•    Are we still advocating for regular HIV/STI screening and the power of knowing one’s status?"

And perspecitve's on its meaning for women via Anna Forbes .

Thanks to HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

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