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Could you please read complete details of my condition with related events below?

Posted by DanBuxton

Interesting developments and I am truly mystified. I was diagnosed with HIV about a month ago. I called the young lady I was dating back in 2008 whom I thought must have infected me. I called her urging her to test for the virus, she did. She called me back and her test came out NEGATIVE. Now my wife (sorry, I cheated her in '08) tested, on Saturday, February 13, 2010; again she tested NEGATIVE. This is puzzling. If the virus is transmitted by unprotected sex, my ex-date and my wife should definitely test positive, except science can come up with some other theories to explain this phenomenon.Clearly, I was very ill when I checked into the Emergency Room because I must had picked up bugs from the routine exercises I was engaged in doing 400/500 pushups 5 days a week with my bare hands on the dirt (with no gloves) (as I kept telling the team of doctors who attended to me). And the extreme cold conditions too must had contributed to the infection I had with my lungs. Besides, I waited 2 weeks when I really got in very bad shape and I was then having shortness of breath with any little effort when I finally decided to check into Emergency for help. But it seemed to me the team at the University Hospital already had fixed notions about my lung infection to be PCP related to the virus. Tons of my blood was drawn all in the effort of trying to prove what the team already had in mind since Friday night, Saturday and even Sunday. Even the sputum I provided was not conclusive. Because it was coming out negative of PCP, it was dismissed again and again that I was not coughing properly. Again, as I tried to explain to the team at the hospital, the CD4 count was not a definitive determinant of the virus as made clear by a University of California study I read. Many factors could cause such low blood count, not necessarily the virus. Couple of days ago also, I saw a documentary on blood count on TV which more or less confirmed what the University of California study already talked about.Again, all the symptoms that the team emphasized on – the nights sweats, the swellings, the rashes, the diarrhea, "getting worse before I get better" – I did not experience any. With the lung infection taken care of with the right medication (Bactrim), which should have been the focus of the team, I am today as fit as a fiddle, breathing normally, and even started my exercise regime. The team also provided me with “corrected” reports of my viral load which they claimed was 145,000 copies. That to me, I should have been in full-blown AIDS condition with 145,000 VL. (1) Can some expert(s) please provide me with some insights about what is going on here based on these events I have outlined? (2) Why should my wife test NEGATIVE when for over the past 2 years I have had unprotected sex with her? (3) And why my ex-date tested NEGATIVE as well as she was the only suspect of having infected me with HIV if indeed I was infected sometime in 2008? One of the senior members of the team was even claiming that I have been infected 10 to 15 years ago. Of course, I tested NEGATIVE in 2002; also tested NEGAIVE in 2006. (4) Why is this doctor making such outrageous claims considering the fact that both my previous tests were NEGATIVE?   I am now considering a second opinion/test, hopefully to prove the team of doctors wrong. The team had already put me on Atripla therapy which I started about 2 weeks ago. (5) Is the team afraid of being sued/litigation if they had made the wrong diagnosis so they simply wanted to hold on to their pre-conceived notion about my condition? (6) What do you advise I do because I am confused and quite worried as to whether indeed I need the Atripla therapy on-going or not and what would be the side effects if indeed I did not have the virus? Please help me with some answers. Thanks for your help, Dan Buxton.
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