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Could this be symptoms of HIV. Red blotches under skin, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, muslce spasms?

Posted by costeen

Since May I have been extremely tired. Also joint and muscle pain. Doctor stated that it was fibromayalgia. Now I keep noticing these red blothces under the skin especially after hot shower. I also have a lot of unexplained bruises in my legs and my legs are always tender to the touch. Doctor did blood work and stated that it was fine, I didnt ask for a HIV test at the visit.  I also experince lots of muscle twitching all over my body, legs, arms, feet hands, face etc. I have had more yeast infections than usual in the last two years.  I am very concerned and scared that it may be HIV. I notice that my boyfriend of 5 years had several large red blotches on his back this morning out of nowhere. The last time I tested for HIV was in 2007 and it was negative.

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