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Posted by mankind

on the 26 of July  i  had an affair with a girl, though i used protection but i ended up sucking her cunt.4th of September i started having an intermedia  muscle ache from my upper shoulder to my neck, leg down to my toes, arms, elbows, sometimes the pain goes to my armpit and sometimes to my jaw making me feel i was going to have a lymph node but there was nothing either on my neck or armpit. My knee cap produces a cracking sound as if its out of socket. these pain don’t last for more than 2 minutes, also i feel numbness on one side of my back. like i said it all started on the 4th of September and i went for test on the 6th of September and was tested negative on HIV rapid blood test but still very worried since they said muscle and joint pain is one of the major symptoms of early HIV. the other symptoms i am having is blurry vision and unable to maintain my balance.Please are these signs of early HIV or are my truely negative?

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Well I can't say for sure it is or isn't any HIV related symptoms. To get HIV from oral sex though is slim. It could takeup to 6 weeks for you body to produce enough hiv immune cells to be detcted on a test. I'd recommend seeing a doctor about your symptoms and repeat the hiv test in 6 weeks.
thanks bro for your answer.this month will make it 3 months of possible exposure so am going to repeat the test.
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