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Catholic Teachers Cancel AIDS Fundraiser

Posted Mar 28 2009 4:01pm

Did you see the Pope's anti−condom speech on his way to Africa? He said condoms could risk increasing the spread of AIDS. This goes against all the research and is a massive set back to years of prevention and education projects on a continent with 22 million men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. Most recently, a major fundraiser for The Stephen Lewis Foundation was cancelled because of the Pope's statement.

The Mountain Movement is a strong supporter of condom use in the effort to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS, as it has been proven to do so. Please read the article below - and take action using one of the options listed at the end of this posting. We are saddened to hear this news, especially after visiting a Calgary high school just last week to talk about the campaign and the SLF.

Updated: Fri Mar. 27 2009 17:16:02

Calgary Catholic teachers have cancelled a yearly fundraiser for AIDS relief in Africa.

The move comes after a parishioner questioned Bishop Fred Henry about the funds being raised for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

"The main concern with the Stephen Lewis Foundation has been his position on birth control which is contrary to what the pope and the bishop have been teaching," says David Cracknell a spokesperson for the Calgary Catholic Teachers' Association.

Cracknell says the decision to cancel the fundraiser was a difficult one.

For the past four years, Calgary Catholic teachers have been raising money during lent to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The organization supports women and children in Africa living with HIV/AIDS. It also supports the use of condoms.

Cracknell says once the bishop was approached he sent a letter encouraging the teachers' association to focus their efforts on other organizations.

Stephen Lewis says he finds the bishop's recommendations difficult to comprehend. He's harming grandmothers, he's harming women living with AIDS and all of them iving in Catholic dioceses, it just doesn't make sense," says Lewis.

Lewis says despite the bishop's suggestion to support other AIDS organizations, some Catholic teachers are still sending in private donations.

What Can You Do?

If you would like to donate to The Stephen Lewis Foundation through The Mountain Movement, please go here.

If you would like tosign a petitionagainst the Pope, please gohere.

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