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Bennington Meets Visual AIDS

Posted Feb 16 2011 6:02pm


January 6th, was the first day of my internship at Visual AIDS. January 6th, also happened to be the day before Postcards From the Edge opened--the atmosphere in the office was fast-paced and (understandably) a little frantic. Even with the initial “sink-or-swim” nature of my first day, Visual AIDS has become a more than welcoming and rewarding environment to be a part of. 

My name is Sage, I am a student from Bennington College, and I have been interning with Nelson, Amy and Julie for the past month. At Bennington College each student participates in a "Field Work Term" for the months of January and February, which is how I learned about Visual AIDS. In my hometown of Houston, Texas I worked with Planned Parenthood and a local AIDS Foundation, however, I had never worked with an organization that combined visual art and AIDS awareness. While interning at Visual AIDS, I have worked closely with: art pieces from PFTE, the archive database, the Ribbon Project and the customer service line for Neopost.

Two things about my time at Visual AIDS stick out very clearly: the art and the people. Looking through the slides, the online database and the web galleries have given me a preview into the huge archive of art that exists in the office. The variety between themes, mediums, artists, messages,etc. is a wonderful thing to get lost in. Secondly, every day someone walks into the office that I get introduced to. It might be, "Sage, this is our good friend..." or "This is the artist/editor/director that works with...." or "He's curating our web gallery/summer exhibit..." These introductions prove to me just how valued Visual AIDS is and how many people collaborate, and have collaborated, to make it what it is today. I am happy to have joined this organization and contributed a little something to its vision. 

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