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I was a divorced single mom of two kids for about 7 years, recently I got remarried to a wonderful man and had two more babies...Now I am a stay at home mom of 4 and love every minute of it! I also home-school and I am trying to be more frugal! Also,  I have been a vegetarian for about 11... Full Bio
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Over Two Years?

Wow, it has been over two years since I have posted on my blog. Well, time just flies and I have not had time to really sit down and catch up. So...

Not a Creature is Stirring, Not Even a Mouse

As I sit here in a silent house, not a creature is stirring not even a mouse (thankfully). I start to ponder off and think to myself. Wow this is...

A New Hobby?

Well, kinda I started an account on Pinterest! Have you? Here is my link   If you are not on Pinterest yet...

Birthday Love!

So as usual it has been awhile since I have done a post. Life is keeping me pretty busy! But I do want to post some bday love to two special peeps...

Do you see what I see?

So what does homeschooling mean to us? Well, that is pretty easy to answer. We take our kids interest to heart and find awesome ways for our kids...

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Nov 29 2009 by Dr. Nagaraj

Dear Hippieprincess, 

I hereby requesting your vote to win 'People's Health Blogger Award'. Please see all my posts related to cancer in my blog. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


May 10 2009 by hippieprincess
I have been trying to lose 10 pounds. I have been eating more salads, veggies and fruits. Cutting down on sweets, which is really hard. But I am determined to get this 10 pounds off and be back to my pre kids weight! :)
Jan 21 2009 by See Kim W.
Happy Belated birthday ;-)