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Nov 07 2009 7:45am
I think you should consult with the fitness trainer as only a fitness trainer tell you... more
Jan 29 2014 12:34am
I'm repelled myself by the look and smell of most insect repellents you might ... more
Apr 25 2008 10:01am
Has anyone participated in orienteering? My boyfriend and I are planning to tr ... more
Apr 05 2008 5:34pm
I think Bruce Trail is the best option gor you. more
Jan 29 2014 12:31am
Hi! I like the Bruce trail I'm able to go on and off it to... more
Jan 28 2009 6:20pm
Jan 15 2008 10:29am
For backpackers with heavy packs, I was taught that the person going downhill should... more
Jan 16 2008 8:46am
REI is a good place to start as the website has plenty of product reviews from novice... more
Oct 24 2009 6:33pm
Jan 26 2007 3:36pm
I'm glad to see all of you sharing these great places in your area for hiking, and I... more
Dec 29 2007 12:16pm
I have been up to the West Point Inn - so gorgeous! The views up there are amazing. Love... more
Jan 11 2008 4:08pm