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What women can wear to dress business casual

Posted Nov 27 2012 7:50am
What women can wear to dress business casual can be interpreted in different ways in north face triclimate different professions. While some consider jeans, khaki's and t-shirtsas casual dress, business casual also means maintaining a professional look. Casual is not confined to tailored suits, as other articles of clothing can be worn as well. What women can wear to dress business casual in the workplace can range from dresses to skirts to pant suits. A more professional look for women is to wear a skirt and jacket, or a fitted dress, as this look can also take on a casual appearance and show off the feminine side of women. Suits, while usually should include darker, solid colors for business dress, can be made out of different, colorful fabrics when dressing business casual, such as linen or cotton. Accessorizing with scarf's and jewelrycan add a touch of color to any outfit, and will allow more of a womans personality to shine through. Dresses and skirts should of course be a suitable length, which is slightly above the knee or right below. Stockings help complete the look of professionalism, however, in the summertime when legs are tanned, going without stockings when dressing business casual is also appropriate. Tights can be worn instead of stockings in the wintertime. High heels, pumps, and boots are perfect, as are dressy flats. Avoid miniskirts and halter dresses and tops, or any type of clothing that shows the stomach or underarms, as this is not appropriate for work. Sandals are great for the summertime, or open toed shoes. Make sure toenails are trimmed, painted, or at least clean and healthy looking. Avoid wearing any type of shoe that flops, such as flip-flops or slides. When dressing business casual at the workplace, fitted pants and jackets look great, and there are many different patterns and textures to choose from. Wear pins on the lapels, necklaces, and earrings to help accessorize. Slacks and blouses without a jacket are fine, and belts or scarfs worn around the waist will add to this look. Another acceptable type of business casual attire is a buttoned-down shirt and sweater. Shirts do not have to be tucked in, and will still look great when hanging longer than the sweater. Cardigans and sweater sets over skirts or pants can also be worn as business casual attire. Wear with a pair of loafers or flats, andand not only will you be comfortable, you will still look professional north face apex bionic. Remember to keep makeup and nail polish in line as well, and less is best is always a good rule to go by North Face UK. Many businesses today demand a certain dress code, however business casual dress is sometimes allowed on special occasions and on Fridays. It is a time when dress codes are more relaxed and clothing does not seem so uniform. When it comes to dressing business casual and still looking professional, there are many different styles and ways to mix and match outfits. It is fun to dress this way sometimes, and it allows a person to express their individuality.  


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