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What's a good hiking boot?

Posted by Kristen D.

I've asked for hiking boots for Christmas, but I'm not quite sure exactly which pair I want. I wanted to reach out to fellow Wellsphere members-what's a good hiking boot manufacturer? What's better for you, a boot that reaches below the ankle, or one that reaches above?
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Sorry no-one has responded to this yet, but I would do a Google search on it. I did that when I was looking for a hiking boot and got more information than I needed. Number one thing is to find something that fits and has some room for your toes. I bought some really terrific walking shoes from Ross once because they were on sale and thought the 8 1/2 (the only size available) would suffice. Wrong! Even though I can wear 8 1/2 in some styles, in these I definitely needed a 9. The shoes were just a little too tight and hurt like the dickens when I used them for any length of time...they never "broke in" either. Those types of shoes do not break in to make up for the size not being quite right. So you'll want to do your homework...especially if going on a long hiking trip.

Hi Kristen!

I am an avid hiker and recently started a website called <a href=""></a> to share what I know about hiking, backpacking, and outdoor sports.  I have a page all about how to pick the right <a href="">womens hiking boots</a>. The key is knowing what you'll be using it for.  A low top boot is fine for trail hiking with a very light pack.  For backpacking trips, you'll need a sturdier boot with a stiff shank to help support the load, and it will definitely be high top to keep out mud and offer more ankle support.  Good luck and email me if you have questions! 


REI is a good place to start as the website has plenty of product reviews from novice to experienced folks:

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