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Trails anyone?

Posted by Audrey M.

I really like to get out and go hiking in the Bay Area as long as the weather permits. This Wellsphere is for people to post their favorite trails, tips, advice, and plain old hiking goodness.
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You should try Muir Woods. It's nothing too tough but the scenery is just amazing. :)
Thanks Areg! I've done that hike before. It's pretty nice but it's more like a pedestrian stroll.
Have you ever been to Bass Lake? It is beautiful. There is an amazing waterfall that you can climb down to, and you can sit out on this cliff and chill out. You can also raft or swim on bass lake, and there is a huge swing that you can use to swing out onto the lake. Really fun. Also, the Matt Davis/Steep Ravine Loop is one of my favorites. Park your car at Stinson beach, take the Steep Ravine loop up to the parking lot and take the Matt Davis trail back down. The way up is pretty much all uphill and in the woods, and the way down is open space & ocean views. A 4 hour hike or so.
I think that the South Bay is severly underrated as far as Bay Area hiking goes. In my mind, it's tops. Henry Coe is my personal favorite: high ridgelines separated by deep canyons stretching from the Silicon to the Central Valley, fragrant meadows dotted with oak trees, Ponderosa pines swaying in the higher elevations, and hardly ever a soul in sight -- save for deer and wild turkeys too numerous to count. The hike to China Hole via the Narrows is great fun and a total legbuster (par for the course at Coe). Another favorite: doing the waterfall loop in Big Basin during or just after a big rain storm. 4 gorgeous waterfalls (Berry Creek, Silver, Cascade and Golden) all stacked in a row along the course of West Berry Creek. Friendly salamanders galore, too.
I'm glad to see all of you sharing these great places in your area for hiking, and I think you'll inspire others, even in my neck of the woods, to do the same!
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