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Take a Hike

Posted by Heather J.

Speaking of mother Earth, hiking is a great, eco-friendly way to enjoy its natural beauty, especially as the leaves change from green to glorious golds and reds. But before you take off for the wilderness, make sure to stock your backpack with these essentials for good health, comfort, and safety, provided courtesy of Natural Health:

-A flashlight or other LED light source.

-Snacks, such as dried fruit and nuts, to keep energy levels up. There's a reason they call it trail mix.

-Fleece! Dress in layers to prepare for cooler temperatures in the early evening.

-A walking stick or aluminum walking pole to help you up steep climbs, or support you if you're injured.

-Sunscreen, a must at all times.

-Insect repellent; preferably a DEET-free brand, such as Burt-s Bees.

-Lots of water - at least two quarts for a day hike. Camelbak makes a number of backpack/hydration systems for easy portability.

-Swiss Army Knife

-Lightweight hiking boots or hiking shoes. Make sure they fit properly, as blisters can make all-day trip more torture than pleasure.

-A camera - you'll want to remember how much fun you're having!

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