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Shopping at the grocery store

Posted Nov 26 2012 3:25am
Protecting Your Husband at the Grocery Store -Since everyone needs to eat, north face down jacket everyone at some time has to enter a grocery store. This grocery store escapade was told to me fifteen years ago and I can still envision this poor man and his situation. Every time I recount it, I begin to giggle. So sit back and enjoy the tale of the tired, loving husband and the grocery shopping trip. My friend's husband came home from work to find his wife (my friend) taking a shower. Plopping down on the toilet seat, he commenced to take off his jacket and throw it on his exceptionally organized wife's neatly folded towel and post-shower clothing. He chatted for awhile over the sound of the water while she continued to shower. In the course of the conversation, she mentioned that she'd put the grocery list together and would he mind going to the store for her?"Not at all," he lovingly, but wearily replied.He threw his jacket on, grabbed the list off the kitchen table and headed to the town's biggest grocery store to do the weekend shopping. Grabbing a cart and holding the list, he slowly went up one aisle and down the other. About the second aisle, he started noticing male shoppers with amused expressions and women shoppers staring horrified at him. They would scurry past him and look over their shoulders, but no one ever would say a word to him.One shopper, a little old lady in her 80's, started meeting him on each aisle heading the opposite way. They'd pass each other. She'd stare at him. He'd stare at her. They'd go opposite directions only to go around the end of the aisles and meet up on the next north face nuptse.He continued to be the spectacle to other shoppers, only speculating as to their strange reactions to his appearance North Face Outlet. His fly was zipped. His buttons buttoned. His shoes were matching. What could be wrong? Finally the little old lady barely visible over the shopping cart handle approached him."Sir?" she inquired."Yes," he said.Pointing her gnarled, arthritic finger at his shoulder, she said, "You're shopping with a feminine pad attached to your shoulder. I thought you'd want to know." She continued pushing her cart.Horrified, my friend's husband yanked off his jacket to find an adhesive-backed, winged feminine pad "protecting" his shoulder. Then he remembered the shower and the pile of folded clothing! He left the cart, groceries and all, and never looked back.  


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