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scrambling Alabama Hills, California

Posted Jun 07 2009 11:22pm

Rarely do I revisit hikes.

But I returned to the Alabama Hills on a recent trip to Lone Pine, California.

This landscape is so weird.

larger version

OK, it’s not that weird. Kids must have painted this one.

But otherworldly. And about as realistic as an old Star Trek TV set.

TTVo – larger version

… The Alabama Hills are a popular location for television and movie productions (especially Westerns) set in an archetypical “rugged” environment. Since the early 1920s, 150 movies and about a dozen television shows have been filmed here … Gunga Din, Springfield Rifle, and How the West Was Won, as well as more recent productions such as Tremors and Joshua Tree…. In Gladiator, actor Russell Crowe rides a horse in front of the Alabamas, with Mount Whitney in the background, for a scene presumably set in Spain. Star Trek Generations was filmed here …. More recently, many parts of the film Ironman (film) were filmed here. …

I went to scramble the boulders at dusk. Gorgeous.

djfrantic – larger version

… There are two main types of rock exposed at Alabama Hills. One is an orange, drab weathered metamorphosed volcanic rock that is 150-200 million years old. The other type of rock exposed here is 90 million year old granite which weathers to potato-shaped large boulders, many of which stand on end due to spheroidal weathering acting on many nearly vertical joints in the rock. …


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The only geology I can compare it with are the boulder hills near Hampi, India.


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