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Monument Peak Trail - Milpitas

Posted by Liz K.

our last hike in milpitas was adventure-filled, as always. our 7.5m hike in the milpitas foothills turned into a 9.0m excursion up to 2500 feet...and again...getting lost despite trail maps and trail signs (at most junctures), and inhaling toxic fumes from a fire that was burning in redwood city. liz had the pleasure of turning the party around to go .3m back down a hill, only to change her mind to go back UP it again to find the actual Monument Peak. Jennifer also had the honor of leading us down another cow trail (you'd think Bryant and Liz could recognize those by now) on the side of a steep hillside. Moooo! Bryant pulled a semi-James Kim by hiking out of our sights (with wet cotton t-shirt and drenched gore-tex parka and soaked baseball'd think it was raining)...and since his sense of direction wasn't great either, we were keeping our fingers crossed that he'd find his way back to the parking lot. Miraculously he didn't get lost though he did experience severe cramping of the legs and a butt cheek or two. Jennifer and I had to share an 800mg Motrin for her slapped-raw feet and my IT-band suffering knees. But what a glorious view of the Peninsula we had!! With that being said...I plan to hike on Saturday in Danville -- Little Giant, 8.3m (if I don't get lost), level 4. (This last hike was a level 3). If you have strong knees and butt muscles, I do hear that you still should get out there to get the soles of your feet conditioned for the mileage. We didn't get to experience hiking in the heat...we had a lot of cloud cover. Hopefully I'll be able to get some of that in Danville this saturday. I plan to leave before lunch, factoring in a few hours of "getting lost on the trail" time.
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