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Looking for Tips on What We'd Need

Posted by Teresa J.

It's still winter here, so I'm researching hiking in the spring/summer. It will be me, my husband, and our son (2 years old) most likely. Hopefully, we could get some friends to join (most of our friends have kids.) Obviously, with the children to consider, the treks wouldn't be as long or rocky. We'd stop for picnics and to play and take pictures. A sort of discovery hike, if you will.

Advice on what we might need and tips on hikes with kids would be appreciated from you seasoned hikers.

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I usually bring a good light-weight back-pack with water bottles, sunscreen, granola bars, fruit, camera, sunglasses, & fleece layer in case it gets cold. REI sells nice child carrier back-packs if your son is small enough in case he gets tired. Good shoes are key - hiking boots or just comfortable sneakers. Also, a good map & a small towel or blanket is great to have in case you want to stop somewhere & picnic.

Depending on where you hike, the type of clothing you where is important. If you're going to be spending a lot of time in the woods, I would suggest light but long sleeve shirts, and light but long pants, in the spring and early summer. You'll want to protect from pesky insects and potentially ticks as well.

Karine is right, it also helps to carry light extra layers, like a fleece, in case it gets cold, or even in case your clothing gets wet. At the same time though, you don't want to overpack, especially when you've got a young one in tow. My rule of thumb is to bring only what fits in an average backpack that's comfortable for me to carry.

You're going to have so much fun!

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