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Kuari Pass trek – day 1

Posted Oct 29 2013 6:03am

by site editor Rick McCharles

Excited to get started, the day broke clear as it did every day. October through December are normally the clearest skies for hiking.

Kuari day 1

Rivers are major obstacles in the Himalaya. Many bridges are being “improved”.

Kuari day 1-2

We stopped for Chai at a lovely village, friends of our guide.

Kuari day 1-8

Kuari day 1-9

Kuari day 1-10

Kuari day 1-3

Kuari day 1-7

Women work hard in the mountains. It’s almost impossible to find one resting at any given moment.

Kuari day 1-12

Kuari day 1-5

Foreigners are regular visitors at this home. The ladies tried to convince this little one that we were friendly.

Kuari day 1-11

We chatted with two young women home for the Soy bean harvest. One had a Bachelor of Arts. The other was in first year University.

Our guide, Anil Panwar, insisted that the men of the Himalaya work hard, as well. But I wasn’t convinced.

Kuari day 1-13

We set Camp next to a school.

Kuari day 1-14

Kuari day 1-15

A Saturday, exams had just finished. The kids had Dhal Bhat for lunch. Then most ran off home.

Several hung around to play. Anil led them in some Yoga.

Kuari day 2-2

Kuari day 2-3

There are many things the mountain people don’t understand about foreigners.

Kuari day 2

For example, why do white men need a “toilet tent”?

Kuari day 1-16

Embarrassed at the extravagance, that was the only campsite we used it.

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