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How to replace a jacket zipper

Posted Dec 28 2012 2:42am
North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Red If you have no idea how to replace a jacket zipper, fret not; the following tips will north face nuptse vest help you make your jacket look as good as new. Not many people know how to replace a zipper, but it is not really that difficult. What you need are the right tools, a new zipper, and, of course, a bit of confidence in your sewing skills. What you will need: - A new zipper; make sure you buy a jacket zipper that separates in two, and that it is of the right length. - Thread; choose the color of your jacket, so that the replaced zipper does not stand out. - A seam ripper; this tool can help you take off the broken zipper; if you do not have one, a razor blade can do the same thing, but with a little bit more care. - Pins; for placing the two sides of the zipper perfectly aligned before starting to sew. - Sewing machine. Step by step guide on how to replace a jacket zipper Step 1. Replace the broken zipper. Use the seam ripper to take out all the old stitches. This may sound like a boring job, but, if you do it right, your jacket will definitely look as good as new. Replacing a jacket zipper is not rocket science, but you have to do it right. For instance, letting the old stitches stick out will ruin the brand new look you want your jacket to have. Step 2. Align the two sides of the new zipper. One of the most common mistakes when learning how to replace a zipper is to fail to align the parts of the new one perfectly. Use pins to fix them in place, and do not finish this step until you are satisfied north face apex bionic. Step 3 Cheap North Face Jacket. Sew in the new zipper. Now it is time for the sewing part. Install the zipper foot on your sewing machine, as this will ease your job tremendously. Do not sew the zipper too close or too far from the material fold. A good measurement is to check the teeth of the zipper to be right next to the fold. When done, your jacket will look as it has just left the production line. This is all about how to replace a jacket zipper. As you can see, it is not too big a deal, provided that you have everything you need at arms reach. A broken zipper can ruin a perfect looking jacket; if that is the case, dont throw it away. Just learn how to replace a zipper and you will not have to part with your favorite clothes.


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