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Hiking in Usery Park

Posted by Mary Ann P.

I know we're always questioning what we can do to fit in some exercise when we travel on business. I had to fly to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago on business. For starters I had a layover in Dallas and spent my time walking from one gate to the next instead of taking the transit system.

Later that day a Phoenix native picked me up at the airport and offered hiking as a sightseeing option. Of course I took her up on it. We drove out to Usery Park which is just a few minutes from the airport. The weather was fabulous and the desert was in bloom. I couldn't have asked for a better treat.

When you're traveling find out if there are any places to hike near where you're staying and take an earlier or later flight so you can make time to go. Or check out and take a walking tour of the city you're in.

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How perfect! No lie, I just found out I'm traveling to Phoenix soon. Thanks for the tip!

Walking tours are great, and there are themed tours such as haunted tours in quite a few cities. I once took one in New Orleans and it was quite the experience.

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