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Cute iPhone 5 Cases are the favorite of the Girls

Posted Feb 15 2013 8:49am

Pink is always a favorite color for the girls, today I will bring a pink lines iPhone case for you. Plum blossom pattern matches bright tenderness pattern, I believe this iPhone case that is launched by Zazzle website will be a favorite case for all female compatriots.

The Zazzle iPhone 5 case is a printed pattern, but the pattern design 's sake, seems to have a very strong sense of three-dimensional, let a person feel very fresh. At present, the girly protection case sold $45, equivalent to 280RMB.

Marilyn Monro is one of the most famous movie actress in the United States in twentieth Century. She won a stunning performance style and sexy beauty, became the representative of many fans heart sexy goddess sexy symbol and popular culture. But for the iPhone5 case that bring you today the whole interpretation of another kind of style of Monroe: the dress was entranced with the music of Monroe, who was full of tattoos.

But is the goddess is goddess, even if the body covered with tattoos can not resist his elegant temperament, Monroe fans not to take it? The protective shell is currently priced at $14.99, equivalent to approximately RMB 100. If you want to learn more information about girly iphone 5 cases, you can go to

Next I will recommend a girl special protecting case to you. If many before the recommended protective shells are more suitable for the cute style girls, then this protective shell should be for those taking ladies route girl design. The protection shell called Bouquet in Red, simple design is absolutely give a person a kind of elegant feeling. The protection shell material is also very special, the outer layer is the use of cotton material, lining is black suede. Because of these two kinds of material can be ignored, so the protection shell is considered a decorative accessory. At present, the product sells for $10, equivalent to about 63 RMB, whether material or other never meet you ladies temperament.

For girls that always chase after fashion, color is bright protective shell, which is the greatest love. For example, the Ke Ma company launched the colorful candy iPhone5 protective shell, believe that the protection design style matches fashion will let many female students heartbeat.

The protective shell uses unique "double color design" : border uses a color, after the shell is a kind of color, looks very stylish. The main material selection of German imports of high-quality TPU Seiko production, not only the extreme thin, scratch and abrasion resistance is also very good. At present, the colorful candy iPhone5 protection shell sold128 RMB.

If you want to learn more information about cute iPhone 5 cases or unique iphone 4 cases, you can leave a message to me, next I will continue to introduce many kinds of iPhone cases for you.

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